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I’ve been playing the drums since the age of 7.  I studied drumset for years and dabbled in some percussion through out my adolescence .  But once I got settled in at Berklee College of Music a whole new world of world percussion opened up for me.  While at Berklee, I had the great opportunity to study under Jamy Haddad, the percussionist for Paul Simon who taught me the frame drum, udu and kanjira.  My sophomore summer I had the amazing chance to study with with tabla master, Ustad Zakir Hussain.  All these roads have lead me to my newest passion, the handpan.

The handpan is a new generation of hand hammered steel instruments which came from the original inspiration called the Hang, invented in Switzerland in 2000.  Handpans are now handmade all over the world, but they are still very new and rare.  They are tuned in different scales and are great for meditation & yoga.

I bought my 1st handpan on eBay in October 2013 and have been hooked since day one.  That pan lead me to meet many great handpan players and makers, bringing me a bountiful new musical creativity I never even knew I had.  Shortly after my 1st handpan, I was already searching for another pan to accompany my 1st.  I received my 2nd handpan an Echo Sound Sculpture – AsaChan – SalaDin 6 months later!  A year playing these 2 new instruments every day finally led me to record my 1st solo album, Destiny.  I’ve learned a lot over the past few years; to never give up and to follow your dreams because we all create our own destiny!

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